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City, Park & Municipal Painting Services

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Our expert craftsmen have the experience local governments need to keep their facilities shining for years. Whether we are painting a water tower in Woodbridge or keeping up the bus stops in Baltimore, we are committed to keeping our municipal facilities looking good. With the most experience, the best trained and certified paint professionals and customer service bar non, we are Maryland, DC and Northern Virginia’s leader in paint and coating services. Here’s a look at what we can do for your local government.

Office and Administrative Buildings

Outdoors or in, we can have your municipal, county or other local government building looking like brand new. Local government buildings are built to last, and you want a paint job that is going to keep things looking professional for years. Governments across the region, from Aberdeen to Petersburg have learned that this company uses only the most state of the art coatings, guaranteed to long endure.

Court Rooms and Judicial Centers

Courthouses are more than just some old buildings: they are pieces of history and symbols of our values. Working with historically sensitive facilities is one of our strengths, and keeping the halls of justice in cities and towns as rich with our history as Manassas and Fredericksburg looking sharp is our passion. When you want it right the first time for a long time, we are the unmatched industry leaders.

Municipal Infrastructure

There are other areas of your city government where a bad paint job is an invitation for graffiti, other vandalism and general disorder. Things like light poles, fire hydrants, water towers and other public works, bridges and pieces of your transportation infrastructure are exposed to the elements and heavy use. Only the best paint and the best paint professionals can do for these jobs. That’s why these jobs call for committed professionals like us.

Park and Recreational Facilities

Parks are built for children and families to have a safe and beautiful refuge from the bustles of life in Baltimore, DC, Richmond and other centers of commerce and statecraft. When the paint starts to crack and peel, vandalism is invited and these sanctuaries can get scary. That’s why Paint Patrol USA uses the best technologies in coating to keep parks across Maryland, Virginia and DC looking good for years. Our paint is also perfect for playgrounds, exercise structures, benches and rest areas. And our experts have extensive experience with water parks and municipal pools—we know what works and how to make sure you get the best paint for your penny.

These are just a few of the things we can do—we can help you with anywhere you need paint put, and you won’t have to worry about it again for years and years. Brand new or centuries old, administrative and official or recreational and public, we have the know how, the certifications, the bonding and the reputation to back up all our claims. Call us today for a free estimate on how we can make your city facility shine!

“Premiere Painting are experts in their field. They know what products to use and what products to stay away from. I’ve used Premiere on big jobs where big money is at stake—they always pull through.”