Commercial Wallcovering

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Facility managers, health care facilities and property managers all over Metropolitan DC including Vienna, McLean, Silver Springs, Potomac, Great Falls, Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax and more, rely on Premiere Painting's wallcovering professionals to keep their properties looking great. Make a lasting impression on your customer base with the right look from Premiere Painting's commercial wallpapering division. We can transform your office, reception area, conference room or other space to evoke the sense of professionalism that you envision.

Consider Commercial Wallcovering if:

  • You do not want to deal with the costs of re-painting & maintenance
  • Your wall area is sometimes difficult to keep clean
  • You want to add texture to your commercial area

Transform Your Office Area Dramatically

No matter what you are looking for, Premiere Painting can offer a unique solution to dramatically enhance your commercial space. Our experts keep up with trends within your industry and can help you achieve the right look for your business. The possibilities are endless when you choose Premiere Painting as your commercial wallcovering contractor.

The History of Wallcovering

What evolved into commercial wallcoverings is believed to have begun in China about 200 AD. The Chinese invented paper, thus it is logical that their rice-paste backed paper strips, emblazoned with hand painted birds, animals and designs, is the forerunner of modern wallpaper.

Cold castle walls were covered with tapestries in the Middle Ages, in an effort to reduce the chill in the great rooms and to improve the decor of the rather dreary stone walls. It is reported that Louis XI of France ordered rolls of wallpaper, painted by Jean Bourdichon, so he could take his decor with him from castle to castle. A paperhanger’s guild was formed in France in 1599. Wallcoverings and wallpaper have been around a long time. Premier Painting, Inc. may not have been part of that first paperhanger’s guild, but we still have a lot of experience with hanging commercial wallcoverings.

The invention of the printing press heralded a new era in the manufacture of wallcoverings. Special rollers were created that printed continuous pattern paper. Flocked paper was introduced, made by using special rollers in presses designed specifically for wallpaper production. The designs in the very first flocked paper celebrated the romance of Queen Victoria and her Albert.

Wallcovering Today

The beauty of wallcoverings is appealing to most home decorators. There is hardly a housewife or her “honey-do” husband who haven’t attempted to redecorate some portion of their domicile with wallpaper. For some reason, everyone thinks it is easy to hang paper, that is, until they try.

The installation of commercial wallcoverings requires a high degree of expertise and a lot of specialized equipment to prepare the paper, apply paste, cut and hang. Matching the patterns, perfectly aligning the wide commercial rolls of material and making all the corners, joints and borders wrinkle-free and tightly fit, is nearly as much an art as it is a science. Those who practice the art get better and better. The commercial wallcoverings applicators at Premiere Painting have that sort of practice and they are the best in the Baltimore-Washington-Richmond I-95 corridor.

Premiere has the resume to support the contention they are the best in the area (we’d like to think the area is the whole USA). Offices, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, hi-rise apartment buildings, government offices and others have all received the attention of the professional paperhangers from Premiere, much to their satisfaction. Our talented crews do the job right the first time, saving time and often money in completing wallcoverings projects.

The experienced staff of project managers and installers will assure a great looking project. They are available to help with every phase of a wallcoverings project, from design and budgeting, to installation. It doesn’t cost any more to employ the very best.