Information Specific to Exterior Jobs

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No oil paints can be applied on damp surfaces. No acrylic primers can be applied on damp surfaces. If weather prevents us from working on your home we will return on the next suitable day. Certain things can be done in wet or damp weather with no ill effects. Many times we may want to wash a house or begin preparation of the surfaces on damp days. On occasion, we may call ahead to see if we can wash your home ahead of schedule. This will help keep the schedule on track.


If we are painting the exterior of your home we may power wash prior to painting. This may take place a day or two prior to your scheduled start date.


All houses built before 1978 have the risk of containing lead paint. If your home was built before 1978 you will be given a pamphlet entitled “ Protect Your Family From Lead In Your Home.” Premiere Painting has been certified in lead safe work practices. This is a curriculum put out jointly by EPA and HUD. Please note that this does not certify us for lead abatement. In addition, Premiere Painting can not in good faith test your home for lead. If you would like to have your home tested and need assistance locating a certified test facility we can help you locate one.


Premiere Painting can handle most wood replacement projects. Please be aware that as we remove rotting or damaged wood it may be discovered that more extensive damage has been done. In these cases we will not replace any wood until you have been informed of what we have found and additional costs approved. Please make sure you are available on the day we are doing wood replacement to avoid unexpected delays.

Preparation Exterior

We have several levels of preparation available to give the desired finished look. Please ask any of our staff if you are uncertain which level to choose. Unless noted otherwise, your proposal will include preparation level 1.

Level 1

Set up will include laying down drop clothes or plastic to catch paint chips and paint drips. Please be aware that on older houses or house with peeling paint the drop cloths will catch most chips but not all. We will make every effort to clean up paint chips.

  • This includes washing of all surfaces to be painted. This is will remove all dirt and mildew so the finish coats applied will adhere to the surfaces.
  • Caulking around all trim, windows, doors ect. This includes filling in where existing caulk is missing or cracked (not hairline cracks). Existing, loose caulk will be removed. This does not include removal of existing caulk that is stable; unless otherwise specified in the contract.
  • Glazing (also called wood putty; where wood meets glass) on all needy window panes. If the glazing is loose or falling ouwill include replacing missing or damaged glaze but will not include removal of old putty. Hairline cracks will not be filled.
  • Scrape all loose and peeling paint. Light sanding of peeling areas will be performed after scraping.
    Prime all bare wood.

Level 2

Includes all aspects of level 1 plus
More thorough sanding of rough edges; we will use a combination of hand sanding and power sanders. This will not leave the surfaces completely smooth, but makes the edges much less apparent between areas where paint has peeled and where it has not. Areas of high profile or areas at eye level will receive much more attention. Higher areas and areas not visible will receive less attention since it will not be noticeable from the ground.

Level 3

Includes all aspects of level 1 plus Level 3 takes the preparation of level 2 beyond with out going as far as paint removal.

  • Heavy and light sanding to rough edges; edges where paint has peeled will be aggressively sanded to make the surfaces much smoother.
  • Filling of hairline cracks in glazing work; this will make the glazing work much cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Remove and replace rough caulk. This will make the edges of the trim much cleaner.
    Remove old paint from window glass. Note: we will not be cleaning all the glass. We are happy to refer you to a company that specializes in window cleaning.

Level 4

Full paint removal; This is an extremely expensive process and only recommended in high visibility areas or areas where existing coatings are completely failing. This type of preparation is most often requested to old and expensive front doors, garage doors, door frames, and window sills.

  • Total removal of paint to bare wood; depending on the age of the home this is usually done using chemicals. We only use environmentally friendly products for this process.
  • Sand all surfaces until smooth.
  • All holes and cracks will be filled with wood filler.
  • All old caulk will be replaced. Existing caulk will be removed and new caulk will be installed.
  • Full coat of primer on all surfaces
  • Light sanding between primer and finish coat.