Our Washington, DC based

Government & Military Painting Services

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We know that the only thing that comes before our customer service is service to our country. We are confident that our record as one of the country’s most dependable and accountable paint and coating companies can provide the very sort of service government and military facilities in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware and Washington, DC provide for us every day. Since day one we have provided paint and coating solutions to government and military facilities, and our track record is second to none. Here are a few ways we can help your agency or installation.

Offices and Buildings

Whether you need interior or exterior work on your building or office, our experts can service your paint, paint removal or restoration needs. We are OSHA certified and available 365 days a year—we can work when you aren’t and make sure the chemicals leave with us. And for historic government buildings, you can be sure our work will stand the test of time.

Military Bases and Infrastructure

Military bases represent honor and discipline. Cracking paint and dingy walls simply won’t cut it. We know that when Americans see a base like Dover AFB on television, they aren’t thinking about the paint. That’s why for years bases have invested in paint that will hold up, and a paint company whose dedication is supreme. We are the company with that dedication.

Training and Housing Facilities

Our area is home to some of the military’s most hallowed training facilities. MCB Quantico trains the next generation of Marine officers, not to mention FBI agents. Housing and training facilities are high-traffic areas; you need the best paint if you want the job to last. Our experts have the experience to get the job done right the first time.

Bridges and Transportation Infrastructure

We know that the biggest test for our product, service and workmanship comes when it is exposed to traffic and the elements. Where a better job can mean keeping people safe and saving lives, our commitment to the best shines through. Additional information is available for our municipal painting services.

Recreational Facilities

A number of installations and agencies have public and historic sections, open to tourists and subject to a lot of wear and tear. Whether you are managing or responsible for paint coatings at old Fort Story or even rest stops and parks, we have what it takes to stand up beautifully over time.

Whether your agency or installation is as old as Fort Story or as new as the latest stretch of highway, you can be sure that with us you have quality that has repeatedly proven itself. Durable, professional, craftsman grade work is what we provide; customer service our guiding principle. We are certified in the latest technology in paint, paint removal and other durable coatings. When you want sharp, we are the experts. For those who understand what service really means, we and our technicians are proud to be the best.

“Premiere Painting are experts in their field. They know what products to use and what products to stay away from. I’ve used Premiere on big jobs where big money is at stake—they always pull through.”